COVID-19 Safety Protocols

Hello to Our Valued Patients & Families,

It has always been our goal to provide a safe environment for our patients, staff, & families.  Now with the unprecedented concerns surrounding COVID-19 and in response to current recommendations from the American Association of Orthodontists, the American Dental Association, the Kansas Dental Association, the CDC and OSHA, we are following all guidance and guidelines and have developed  enhanced safety protocols at studioSMILE Orthodontics.  

These  are  the  following  Safety  Protocols  you  can  expect:

Dr. Kelly launced  our  Virtual  Options  last  fall  for  appointments.    This  proved  to  be a  great  success.    When  we  temporarily closed  for  safety  in  response  to  the  COVID-19 orders,  the  Virtual  programs became  highly beneficial  for  continuity of  care  for  the  majority  of  our  patients.    During  this  time,  Dr.  Kelly  has  designed our  NEW  format  which  will  maximize  convenience  &  safety.   And,  our  new  slogan  was  coined  during  this unprecedented  &  unusual time,  ‘SIMPLY  NICE.’    This  slogan  is  Dr.  Kelly’s  personal  &  professional  mantra  moving  forward!

metal free holistic orthodontic dental healthy less time comfort healthy fast convenient low cost

Invisalign ONLY Treatment for Children, Teens & Adults

studioSMILE Orthodontics is the GO TO DESTINATION for Invisalign Orthodontics.   


  • Metal Free
  • Affordable Cost
  • Clear and Cosmetic
  • Comfortable 
  • Removable for Eating
  • Better Oral Hygiene
  • Virtual   Appointments
  • Efficient Treatment Time
  • No Loose Braces to Repair
  • Convenient  and  Simple
  • Effective,  Satisfying  Outcomes 
  • Early  Treatment Plan  for Children
  • Integrative with other Dental Needs


SMILEchat & Virtual Options for Convenience and Excellence

Using modern technology to enhance your orthodontic treatment journey and provide conveniences allowing you & your family to gain time to do things your enjoy or tend to your responsibilities while your SMILE is in process.


  •  SMILEchat Virtual Consults
  • SMILEchat Virtual Appointments
  • Online Exam Scheduling
  • Digital  Impression  Scanner                        with Treatment  Outcome  Simulation
  • Smile Viewer
  •  My Invisalign

holistic orthodontics dental total health wellbeing easy cleaning comfortable metal free appliance

Smile Wellness for Total Body Health

 It is much, much more than 'just' straight teeth.  It is about total body health when the teeth are easier to clean, the internal feel good a smile brings, and the long-term function of the bite keeping the gums and teeth healthy.   Dr. Kelly designs a holistic orthodontic treatment plan injecting these goals for total wellness.

Dr. Kelly has witnessed the profound transformation a SMILE has on her patient's lives creating her philosophy 

that orthodontic treatment is essentially about SMILE WELLNESS!