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Why Invisalign?

Why Invisalign®?

There are many options out there for solving orthodontic problems, but there is only one that offers a high level of comfort and convenience: Invisalign. Invisalign works just as well as other orthodontic options if it is in the hands of Dr. Kelly Tabacchi, but gives patients a far better experience. Although orthodontics usually revolve around kids and teens, Invisalign is also a great option for adults of any age. studioSMILE Orthodontics actually treats 50% adults in the practice. No matter what your age is, Invisalign is a great selection for all.  Dr. Kelly Tabacchi is a specialist in Invisalign and provides it exclusively. She believes that every patient is a candidate for Invisalign, and knows how to achieve the best results for every patient by giving them a one on one approach with her concierge services. Through every step of your treatment, Dr. Tabacchi will be monitoring your progress in the right direction.

Benefits of Invisalign Compared to Braces

Invisible Aligners Vs Brackets and Wires

With Invisalign, your treatment will be invisible as well as removable any time you need it. With braces, your teeth will be covered in brackets and wires constantly until the day they are removed. This can make you feel self-conscious about your smile and make treatment unpleasant.

Comfortable Plastic Aligners Vs Pokey Wires and Brackets

Invisalign aligners are made of a clear smooth plastic that is custom made to fit your mouth exactly. This allows for a comfortable treatment with gradual movement of your teeth to prevent any pain. With braces, the wires and brackets can break, cut your lips, cheeks or tongue, and can cause intense pain when they are tightened. This will cause patients to have a bad time while having braces.

Removable Vs Non Removable

Cleaning your teeth has never been easier with Invisalign. Simply take out the aligners and brush and floss your teeth like you normally would. With braces, it will take a time consuming cleaning and flossing to get your teeth clean. Usually, you will still miss spots and plaque will start accumulating, as well as stains. For the best dental hygiene, Invisalign is the best option.

Eat What You Want Vs Food Restrictions

During your Invisalign treatment, you will remove the aligners to eat, therefore you can eat whatever you want! With braces, you will need to avoid foods that can get stuck in your braces, or even break them. This includes caramel, popcorn, chips, hard crunchy food, corn on the cob and more delicious foods than we can list.

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The differences between Invisalign and braces are not the results, but the process of treatment alone. Invisalign is more comfortable and convenient, which makes it the better option for people of all ages. Get into contact with studioSMILE Orthodontics in Overland Park, KS and serving the Kansas City Metro Area today to schedule your complimentary consultation.