VIRTual options

studioSMILE Orthodontics has exciting innovations to provide convenience and expertise during your journey allowing a gain in your time for other activities or responsibilities while achieving a successful outcome !

menu of virtual options @ studiosmile orthodontics

SMILEchat Virtual Consultation


If you have interest in orthodontic treatment for yourself or your children, this will allow for you to get an overview of the Invisalign orthodontic treatment, estimated cost involved, and payment methods available.    

NOTE:  To get started, a professional orthodontic exam with Dr. Kelly is required.  Simply use the Online Scheduling to reserve an appointment.

SMILEchat     913.270.6620

SMILEchat Virtual Appointments


This is a convenient option for patients in treatment at studioSMILE.  You will be given this virtual option at the appointment prior along with 'mouth expanders', the additional Invialign aligners and an appointment the consult photos need to be submitted for evaluation.

Spend your time gained doing things you enjoy or taking care of other responsibilities while continuing with your Invisalign at a high level.

SMILEchat     913.270.6620

New Patient Consult & Exam Online Scheduling


New Patients can use this virtual tool  to setup a professional exam consult with Dr. Kelly.  This can also be used along with SMILEchat to get an overview of your treatment prior to the professional exam.

Smile Viewer by Invisalign



See what Invisalign
treatment could do for you!

Simply take a smiling selfie and
we'll simulate your new smile!

*mobile device required for this app

My Invisalign


**  Use the custom aligner tracker to help stay            compliant with Dr. Kelly's advised wear time

 **  Receive reminders and notifications to help you stay on track 

      **  Save photos and comments to your Smile Gallery as you progress towards your new smile.

**Get answers to commonly asked questions.

**View and share your progress video and before & after photos with friends and family.   

Former Patient Consult & Exam Online Scheduling


Was your smile great until something happened with your retainer?  Then, your teeth shifted!  No Worries!  As a former patient with Dr. Kelly, you can use SMILEchat for a Virtual Consult or use the Online Scheduling to set up an appointment to come in for the professional exam.  We can also take impressions at that appointment for the retreatment aligners or retainers.